Welcome to my Digital Image & Culture study blog.

I am interested in language and how it shapes and also reflects our lives, as well as informing how we perceive reality. At a time when technology is profoundly changing expectations of what is ‘normal’, our beliefs about how the world works (or how we think it should) are transforming. Shifts in our everyday lives can seem seismic at times, although one could argue that is as hyperbolic as the language we are bombarded with daily. The photograph along with its related technology play a pivotal role in the way we communicate today – and that fascinates me. This is the stuff that I want to make work about. I also love the creative possibilities offered by technology – and its accessibility.

I have completed The Art of Photography, Understanding Visual Culture, an APEL application, and Self & Other with the OCA.

I work as a photographer in and around London. Visit www.sarahjanefield.co.uk for commercial work or www.sarahjanefield.com for experimental, documentary and some OCA work.