A3: Useful links

To be updated as I move through the section:


Freud, Mystic Pad http://cscs.res.in/courses_folder/dataarchive/textfiles/textfile.2011-12-30.8604273949/file

https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/oct/19/the-myth-of-meritocracy-who-really-gets-what-they-deserve Re Micheal Young

“Was discussing that today for Facebook. Their database stores 1 exabyte of info ie 1000000000000000000 numbers representing photos, posts etc” Paul Lickman, IT specialist

Digital online study allows for a slower paced learning as discussed here by OCA Drawing and Creative course leader, Doug Burton  – put this in context with Virilio’s article about speed and technology. Look at the way space and time can be on top of each other in negative and positive ways

Distance Learning in Creative Arts Education: understanding the benefits of time and distance in the delivery of HE at the Open College of the Arts

Western culture sliding backwards into a superstition and darkness:




Evidence of tension between old world order and new in this public spat between photographers


Marx, base and superstructure, commodity value and use value – film vs. analogue – fetishism

Ranciere  – Photographic Image



“Aura to Benjamin in those early examples were transmitted by the perceived skills of the photographer, the status of the sitters – early examples of bourgeoisie, and suggests “the tiny spark of chance, of the here and now, with which reality has, as it were, seared the character of the picture” (Crimp uses this quote from Benjamin’s writings) (95)”

Fred Ritchin’s Towards Hyperphotography is really about the perception of objects and temporality – and between discrete or continuous. Discrete may well be a constructed illusion according to physicists (Rovelli for eg.)  Digital information can appear to be fluid. Pre-digital reassures us, objects are fixed (although perception, this is argued, is constructed – technology is dismantling that construction. That’s why it scares people – fixed concepts are no longer so. Binary absolutes now queried.)

Political and social opposing tensions/tussle between authoritarian, paternalistic worldview and less fixed outlooks which might be dynamic and in a state of flux. The backlash is for authoritarianism to puts its foot down across various social sectors and responds defensively (Not all middle-class, middle-aged white men are bad! responds one such defensive voice…)


Post-capitalism – quotes about the way in which the economy has been transformed by the digital revolution.

See Fontcuberta page 8 – re reality, Bush’s comments  (perhaps less relevant) but links up with Lotringer’s reporting of reality by Dr. Sach’s (quoted in Exercise 3.2)

Fontcuberta, “make no mistake” the objects which either process led to are the same (find)


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (see author’s notes on how he found old images which had been manipulated as inspiration for the story)

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 20.35.17.png

See rest of page 19 for quote about culture and worldview driving tech advances  – Batchen, (Photography in the Digital Age OCA Resources page)


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